Greg's maternal grandmother seems to favor Manny the best, since she has photographs of him all around the house though she continuously denies this fact by saying "I love all my grandchildren the same". One time when Greg was six, Grandma wouldn't let him have ice cream before dinner, so he wrote her a note saying "I hate you, Gramma" which Grandma placed on the wall and held over Greg's head ever since. Greg still spells Grandma "Gramma" today. She appeared in book 4 when Greg and Rowley were trying to run a lawn service. She lives on the same street as Greg and Rowley's first customer and was imitated by Greg for their references. She also loves reading tabloids (which when Susan calls her and she doesn't pick up the phone, making Susan rush to her place to check on her, but she tells Susan that "Cordless telephones erase the memory of the elderly." because she believed an article in the New York Times), a trait she shares with Greg.