220px-Diary of Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself

This is the hardback version. The paperback version is red.

The Diary of A Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book is an activity book created by American author and game designer Jeff Kinney. This book is divided into two sections an activity section and a "whats-your-story" section.

Activity SectionEdit

About the first half of the book is filled up with activities and other awesome junk. The activies include quizzes, personality questions, mazes, and drawing. It features several comic strips like Greg's "Creighton the Cretin" and "Lil' Cutie." Many characters are mentioned in the book, the main being Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, and Fregley.

What's Your Story? Section Edit

This section of the book is mostly blank for readers to keep as a diary, or to write their own story. This section begins at the Create Your Own cover page.