Frank Heffley is Greg's father. Frank loves sports, reading and "building character". Frank hates video games, heavy metal, and Rodrick's friends Bill and Ward. Frank likes doing outdoor projects and weight lifting and many other "manly things." He tries encouraging Rodrick and Greg to do "manly things" with him. He is probably the one who named his youngest son Manny, since he always wants people to act like a man to him. Frank also has extremely high cholesterol because he is a junk food addict. His favorite hobby is working on his American Civil War Battlefield, moving around the plastic soldiers to make it as accurate as possible, painting new guns, constructing the background or the battlefield, etc. His younger brother Joe calls them "toys." He keeps the battlefield locked in the furnace room in the basement and only ever let Greg see it once or twice when he showed him the "latest improvements". Frank also doesn't even allow Manny in the room (the only way to keep Manny out is that he has to say: "I think I just heard some grunting noise coming from the furnace room, Manny, which was to scare him). Frank, overall, is thoroughly disappointed by his children's hobbies and traits such as Greg's playing video games and Rodrick's loud heavy metal music and band, Löded Diper.