Fregley is a repulsive and widely disrespected student at Greg's school. He usually hangs out in his front yard doing various strange things like stabbing a kite with a stick or trying to talk to Greg about strange topics like, 'Does this scab smell funny to you?'. He apparently goes crazy after having sugar evidently in Diary of a Wimpy Kid when he chases Greg after stealing his jelly beans. Greg does not enjoy spending time with him, and usually tries to get out of it. He has a made-up language which is only shown in the first book when he shouts, "Juice, Juice!" when he needed to use the restroom (only the kids who know Fregley in the school figured out what he wanted). As the teachers in the school didn't understand him, the teachers took him seriously and gave him juice. He plays a role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw when Holly Hills mistakes Greg for Fregley which makes Greg give up on girls. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, Susan invites Fregley over for a "playdate" without telling Greg. When Susan told Greg to go outside and play with Fregley, but Greg replied Susan that Fregley might be naked as Greg saw some pieces of clothes on the grass and Fregley was standing behind the tree shouting: "WOO! WOO!". Strange enough, he appeared in every book except Rodrick Rules. On the web publication, his name was spelled Fregly, without the "e".