Greg's grandfather first appeared in Rodrick Rules in which he was revealed to be living in Leisure Towers, an old folks home. He has a TV, but he always has it tuned over to the retirement home's security camera in the main lobby. He makes a meal he calls "watercress salad" which consists of cucumbers and cold green beans in a pool of vinegar which Greg thinks is gross. He always plays a game with his grandsons called "Gutbusters" where one player reads old jokes and comparative metaphors from a card, and whoever goes the longest without laughing wins, and Greg always beats Grandpa, in one case," Greg: Putting economic policy before fiscal responsibility is like putting the cart before the horse. Grandpa: Haw haw haw!" and Rodrick always loses that game on purpose when it's Greg's turn so he can spit out a whole mouthful of milk when he laughs. According to him, Greg is his favorite grandson. He appeared again in book 4 when Greg's inside family went to his house for brunch. He admits that he ran over Nutty, Frank and Joe's dog, and always told Frank that Nutty ran away to a butterfly farm. He had to pay for brunch when Frank left. Then Frank dropped the rest at the driveway and drove away. He came back later with a box, and there was a dog inside.