Heather Hills Edit

Heather Hills is Holly Hills's older sister and she was once Rowley's babysitter until Rowley's parents switched her with Leland. According to Greg, Heather Hills is the prettiest girl at Crossland High School. Apparently, she is in the same grade as Rodrick, her yearbook picture being next to his in sophomore year. Greg always tries to make it to Rowley's house before story time when Heather babysits. She has her picture in the yearbook next to Rodrick. Greg seemed to be disappointed when Rowley's parents replaced her with Leland. In the online version of the book, Heather was fired for smoking. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, she works as a life guard at the town pool and Greg stands by her whenever she's on duty. She expected Greg to clean up vomit in that same book. Her name on the visual novel was Lori Matthews.