Rowley Jefferson is Greg's self-proclaimed, square-headed best sexy friend who usually helps with Greg with his schemes. He has overprotective parents who dislike Greg. Rowley is foolish and naive as he usually listens to Greg while he is concocting a scheme. His mouth is usually open all the time in the books. He is an only child and, according to Greg, a "vain fool." Rowley gets a lot of attention from the girls in his grade only because he is "cute", according to Holly Hills. He was falsely accused of chasing kindergartners with a worm on a stick, which was actually Greg wearing his (Rowley's) coat. He then told on Greg to the principal and Greg lost his duty on safety patrol. He did not forgive Greg, so they were not friends for a while, but much later they got over it. Rowley also had the short stint of being the cartoonist of the school newspaper comic, "Zoo-Wee Mama!"  Rowley also received the honor for being class clown. He and Greg have yet another fight in Dog Days that leaves them as not friends for almost the whole summer.